More Effective Professional Development

Professional development (PD)is at somewhat of a transition point at SVCC, making this an ideal time to present an alternative vision of how PD can be done differently. The most effective beginning point to start this discussion would be a discussion at Leadership Council (which consists of administrators and the faculty leaders for different academic areas), so I put together a brief overview intended as an introduction to an open discussion time. This group tends to be pretty open and collaborative, so an introduction of the topic and a nudge in the right direction should be all that’s necessary to start a productive discussion. However, when presenting to different  groups, it may be helpful to have a more guided discussion.

In describing the “what is,” I thought it was important to describe it in a way that presented our currently available PD in a positive light and look at the opportunities for improving on what’s good rather than presenting the current state as a completely broken system.

Screen shot of editing video in Adobe Premiere ProTechnically speaking, I firmly believe in the adage that “less is more” with regard to presentation graphics, so I kept the presentation simple with some mild humor and photos at the beginning to engage the audience and then giving way to a more traditional slide deck. I developed the slide desk in Google Slides, wrote a manuscript to follow (I usually end up farther off-script when giving a presentation live but am more confident when I manuscript it first), recorded the screen capture using Snagit, and then did final edits in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


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